It is the mission of the Law Office of Isaac T. Warren to help people by providing high quality, practical business-oriented legal advice to companies and individuals at fees that are appropriate for the clients being served, and that are fair to the firm. The Law Office of Isaac T. Warren exists to serve its clients and will strive to provide a standard of legal services where clients feel like friends and valued colleagues.

The Law Office of Isaac T. Warren provides legal advice on legal issues facing startup and established companies from formation, financing, operations, commercial transactions, acquisitions, mergers and selling the company. The firm also helps individuals with their day-to-day legal issues including real estate transactions, employment issues, dispute resolution and other contracts.

Mr. Warren has over 11 years of experience with complex commercial and individual transactions, has closed over $3 billion in deals and has helped numerous individual clients execute their transactions. Mr. Warren understands the complexity of business transactions, has the ability to identify with his clients’ situations and the experience to provide practical legal solutions. His approach is to empower clients to achieve their business objective, maximize risk protection and minimize intrusion from legal counsel. Clients of the firm will also be able to leverage Mr. Warren’s professional network that can assist clients with non-legal professional services.

The Law Office of Isaac T. Warren understands the importance of and often the mystery surrounding legal fees. Mr. Warren will provide a holistic explanation of his fees to each client. He will consult with each client, understand their expectations of legal costs and arrange a case-by-case engagement specific to that client’s wishes. The firm will tailor its fees to each client’s particular needs, but also remain fair to the firm.

While based in Choctaw, OK, the firm’s practice extends throughout the state of Oklahoma and to select markets around the country. Mr. Warren is truly a part of Choctaw and Choctaw is a part of who he is; therefore the firm places special emphasis on supporting the Choctaw business community by providing sophisticated legal services in support of the local economy. It is his mission to serve the Choctaw community through service in local civic organizations and advance the interests of the community when called upon by local leaders.